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Hidden Connections: installing, repairing and upgrading commercial audio, video, data, and phone systems since 1985.

Our goal is to provide our clients with complete audio/video systems that are convenient and easy to use. We excel at hiding wiring in existing buildings. We can install systems to blend with any decor and take great pride in the finished appearance of our work.

Once the system is installed, we explain its operation in detail so that you are ready to enjoy it immediately. Our standards are consistently high and our customers delighted with the results. You’ll find that our quiet and efficient wiring installation methods allow clients to maintain a professional office atmosphere while we work. We are aware of the importance of maintaining a trouble-free network, so we label each cable, jack, and wire for easy identification.

Upon conclusion of the installation, we provide a complete system diagram for use in future planning or troubleshooting. We employ the most advanced techniques in testing the final cabling to ensure that you receive a product of the highest possible quality. The end result is a smooth installation and a completely functional, dependable system.

So let Hidden Connections' expert knowledge and experience expand and improve your business. We provide the following services:

Conference room audio / video

meeting room with multimedia

We will work with you to determine what is the best way to get a conference room that suits your needs to a "T". 

For video options we can work with projectors, motorized screens, as well as LCD or plasma flat-screens. 

For audio options we can do simple multi-speaker distributed audio as well as advanced surround sound systems.  We can integrate microphones (wired and wireless), computer systems, CD players, DVD players, VCR players, and more.  For control systems we can do something as simple as an RF based remote control to a WiFi enabled touch-screen controller using custom macros that automate many procedures, making the systems as easy to use as possible.

Data, voice, and fiber optic cabling

If you need data, voice, or fiber optic cabling - give us a call! We can do everything from new wiring to re-wiring, should you want to remodel your offices. We take extraordinary care to make certain that there is minimal interference with your office's work environment. We also insure that the job is done correctly, the first time.

PA systems for business and schools

Looking for a public address system for your educational facility or business? Give us a call, we can help! We've installed such systems for our local area high schools, and our clients have been thrilled!

Security cameras with recording

security camera security camera security camera
security camera

Would you like to install surveillance cameras so you can monitor your property?  We install cameras that will work day or night, indoors and outdoors.

We install systems that will allow you to monitor your cameras over the internet, any time you wish. We install digital recording technology so that each of your cameras' video feeds are recorded and saved, for up to a month.

Additionally, each of these recorded feeds can be saved to CD, USB key, or external hard drive - should you need to keep the video indefinitely. We install infra-red cameras, with long-range capabilities, to help you monitor your outdoor spaces, even at night. Also, we can use outdoor cameras that have temperature and moisture compensation, so the lenses do not fog up.

Distributed audio and video systems

Do you need to send audio and/or video throughout your business's offices?  Need wireless control of these systems?  We can do this, too!  Whether something as simple as piping music throughout your business (using radio, CDs, iPods, or hard disk based music players) or something more complex, that involves video distribution as well, we will work with you to design the cost efficient and easy-to-use system.

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